Let us introduce

He knows how to play and even design a game, but he also is pro in making a thing great; including games.. after years now big corps count on him to decide which one is better and what suits the needs of the youth generation and this is it


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Our Project

Make A Play Yard Full Of Content.

We can play with every thing in this kids park and change every thing, also the main game is available to all.

Designing A Game Architecture For The Best Social Democracy;

Our Game App Will Top The Records Of Social Networks And Everyone Want To Have The Highest Points

Special Sportwear With Light Absorbant Material.

This will help to engage media and count points. We need a designer anyway..

registering the brand and ico in the standard media.

Saman Has Chosen The Trade Mark Name

Our Work

Perspolis.tv & Tebyan.co

Product Design






Art, Design