The Demon Star



when i was young, there was a teacher, he told me he is rich, now i think of my best friend macauly culkin as super rich.. then when i got bigger my new friend told me he is young, now i guess my best ever one has become bigger and young.

this is my journey, i decide to live better and one day.. it all begins.. then i have known all my people in my band including those little and these big.


if you want your child to become a star one day, you can give it to me, i will learn him how to grow better and greater every day after and after until we become near in everything even our band is one.

Have a Question About Company And Music Concert?

don’t know how to contact me or inform your request? just tap the button and it begins.. then we can make a deal and help a kid become seal

What we do

Organizing Concert

When some of my friend go live on scene or in net, i seat and watch over and over again until he say enough we get

Recording Album

From correspondence to ability i behave the one way that you know which company and what track to record.

Artist Management

the best part of life is childhood, dont ruin it with help of bad coach, give it to me let me try.



Just relax and wait until you see me live, but now for these years we have great artist to show on that day you will find out.


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yes we know, but when you become bigger you will agree with me on how and when do that, untill then this is your parent who decide what way to choose, so i see and make it good as well as jesus may want.

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the most important thing is to correct your faults and have me in near, say saman and everything goes right and we have the time to see what exact problem occured and how we may change way to see better results.

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our prices are as low as eating a snack or buying a drink, but not too low, you should see yourself, if you can pay then don’t wait cause you will see better result than what you put.

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i can but god don’t wan’t , just say good and go, then i some day will arrive with full hands to you

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devil may cry soon and the crasy car sing the young fool don’t go to school.